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About us

At Yarix our core business is the provision of IT security services for schools, universities, industry, health authorities and government agencies.

Our focus on the development of advanced technological solutions led us, in 2010, to move our R&D centre to Tel Aviv, the global nerve-centre for IT innovation. Here a team of specialist IT engineers design cutting-edge security systems and solutions for us and our clients.

We also work with some of the world’s leading suppliers of IT products, solutions and services to promote projects that aim to increase awareness of digital security issues:

  • Partnering with Microsoft we started the National Observatory for IT Security where a task force of experts collects and analyses data and reports on cybercrime so as to contribute to resolving, and preventing, e-crime
  • We are promoters of the Sicurezza Informatica Italia (Italian IT Security) project, a network of companies working together to examine and resolve critical issues in web-based navigation and communication. 


At Yarix our worth is measured in our expertise, the technologies we use and the applications we’ve developed and distributed across the globe.

The Group is committed to consolidating its position as a leader in the provision of IT Security solutions and services by increasing investment in R&D to contribute to making IT systems across the entire digital universe as safe as they possibly can be.

We recognise that people are a key resource for the Group and an important part of our continued growth. We intend to maintain our high focus on providing training so as to ensure all our staff are professional and perform to the highest levels as they work on security projects across the world.

We provide IT Security as well as qualified assistance, with 24/7 customer service and a call centre to make sure we’re always there for our clients, whatever their security or training needs may be.


Our offices

Montebelluna, Milan, Rome, Tel Aviv

One day all your documents will be digital.
Comprehensive protection means controlling access
but also ensuring they can be recovered if they’re lost by accident …are you sure they’re safe?
Information sent over the internet is vulnerable to theft from cybercriminals who could use it to harm you in a variety of ways.
…is your connection reliable and secure?
Every business has secrets it needs to keep safe so as to protect market position and maintain competitive advantage.
…how do you prevent your sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands?