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Case Studies

This set of Case Studies describes some of our most successful implementations. These cases, described with an analysis of the problems faced and the solutions adopted, are anonymous so as to protect the privacy of our clients.
They are listed by type of service provided.

By using the Penetration Test Yarix is able to certify whether a client’s website is secure and protected from attacks of various kinds that could be used to access data and information which is not intentionally published on the site. Our PT service is based on ISECOM OSSTMM methodologies so as to guarantee our clients a provider-independent result. This is important as it means, regardless of which provider is used, the results can be compared over time as testing is performed according to the same set of standards. We have provided this service to a range of clients including e-commerce websites and portals, online gambling sites, sites that provide access to sensitive data, and company presentation websites.  As well as testing sites that use Web applications, the Penetration Test service can be used for larger and more complex companies which may require analysis of a greater range of security issues.

In Forensics Yarix has, over the last few years, worked in partnership with law enforcement agencies in Italy - Carabinieri, Polizia Postale, Guardia di Finanza (Police, Postal Police, Finance Police) as well as with private companies who have suffered damaging intrusions and/or data theft. The case studies below include digital forensic investigation into financial crimes, crimes perpetrated against people, and cases of investigation into digital findings relating to illegal intrusion activities or data theft. In these cases we have, in some cases, worked in conjunction with partners from across the globe to perform investigations involving subjects and companies not just from Italy. In parallel with this kind of work and given its nature, Yarix has built up considerable experience in data recovery following breaches of security carried out with the intention of completely or partially eliminating company data contained on the system that has been attacked.

At Yarix our Outsourcing service offers companies a flexible model for the management of their company by entrusting to us the partial or total management of their IT system. Our fully scalable Outsourcing services mean we can become sole administrator of the IT systems or work with the company’s in-house IT department on a number of levels. Clients receive the guarantee of Yarix’s unrivalled levels of service as well as the knowledge that all systems and services will be kept constantly up to date and in line with legislation and other guidelines.
Yarix provides its Outsourcing services to companies of all sizes, from small businesses with up to 100 users to large enterprises with perhaps thousands of workstations. For all clients our services can be applied to a wide range of areas including IT system security based on international standards such as ISO 27001.