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Healthcare facilities are particularly exposed to risks relating to the treatment of sensitive data because they must store and manage the personal information and medical records of the people in their care.

This elevated exposure to risk makes it crucial for them to entrust the security of the systems and the information they contain to experts. Professionally trained IT security specialists will allow management to take full control over information flows by providing permission-based access to entire areas or single files based on individual member of staff, ward or role.

Yarix offers security assessment services to provide a 360° overview of IT system security, including examination of wifi and LAN networks, the web applications offered to patients and the reliability of the data connections between medical devices. We also do social engineering awareness work with the staff to make sure they fully understand their security levels and the implications of them while teaching them low risk procedures and processes.

One day all your documents will be digital.
Comprehensive protection means controlling access
but also ensuring they can be recovered if they’re lost by accident …are you sure they’re safe?
Information sent over the internet is vulnerable to theft from cybercriminals who could use it to harm you in a variety of ways.
…is your connection reliable and secure?
Every business has secrets it needs to keep safe so as to protect market position and maintain competitive advantage.
…how do you prevent your sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands?