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The exponential rise in the use of the Internet for companies in both the public and private sectors means that the web is filled with an incredible amount of sensitive personal data including passwords, codes and bank details.

The threat of web-based industrial espionage is growing all the time, so much so that a study by Storage Index revealed that senior management in businesses across Europe consider IT systems security one of their most important company assets.

With targeted, customised actions ranging from external consulting services to complex IT systems management, Yarix makes companies secure from both internal and external attacks by guaranteeing the security and integrity of all sensitive corporate information and data.

One day all your documents will be digital.
Comprehensive protection means controlling access
but also ensuring they can be recovered if they’re lost by accident …are you sure they’re safe?
Information sent over the internet is vulnerable to theft from cybercriminals who could use it to harm you in a variety of ways.
…is your connection reliable and secure?
Every business has secrets it needs to keep safe so as to protect market position and maintain competitive advantage.
…how do you prevent your sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands?