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Network Security

Comprehensive Security Network, delivered as a Managed Service, is an innovative, modular solution, enabling you to align the technology with your business and security needs.

For organizations that need data security experts to monitor network and application-layer traffic via an Intrusion Detection System. The service monitors your network for the most severe exploits including worms, viruses, buffer overflows and denial-of-service attacks.

The Intrusion Prevention System has one simple goal: to interrupt any data flows that are identified as malicious before they can compromise your network. By profiling and blocking only those exploits which would otherwise succeed in compromising a vulnerable system, Trustwave’s IPS operates more effectively and efficiently. 

With the only industry-leading, agentless and agnostic network access control solution for corporate and user-owned mobile devices.
Trustwave Enterprise NAC mitigates challenges related to BYOD and supports your BYOD and mobile access strategy and initiatives.

Trustwave MyIdentity is a two-factor authentication solution that combines cloud-based delivery and self-service administration with flexible authentication methods. Trustwave MyIdentity, a two-factor authentication solution built to meet diverse needs of businesses today.

For organizations that want to augment external vulnerability scanning and get a more thorough view of the vulnerabilities on their network. Managed IVS provides an organization with a clear view of their vulnerability profile from the inside and outside of their network.