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Boole Server is an international vendor company marketing its product worldwide who sells in Italy the security paltform created by Valerio Pastore in 2008. Boole Server has realized a system protecting confidential documents from leakage and/or unauthorized usage going beyond the concept of perimetral security (firewall, antivirus, etc.).

Presentations, documents, images or spreadsheets: no matter the kind of information to be protected Boole Server intervenes encrypting data, making them available in a controlled way only. Boole Server system is easy to use and allows you to use files also by connecting from outside and with different devices (tablet, laptop, smartphone), in total security.

One day all your documents will be digital.
Comprehensive protection means controlling access
but also ensuring they can be recovered if they’re lost by accident …are you sure they’re safe?
Information sent over the internet is vulnerable to theft from cybercriminals who could use it to harm you in a variety of ways.
…is your connection reliable and secure?
Every business has secrets it needs to keep safe so as to protect market position and maintain competitive advantage.
…how do you prevent your sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands?