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PCI DSS Standards

Yarix offers a complete service for full credit card transaction security.

All procedures are fully PCI DSS (Payment Card Application Data Security Standard) compliant. These standards set a range of minimum requirements that guarantee payment processes are subject to very high levels of protection and control.

In order to achieve QSA (Qualified Security Assessor) status companies need to:

  • Perform GAP analysis to understand how the existing system differs from the requirements of the PCI standards
  • Establish a plan for rectifying any anomalies by resolving critical problem areas and reducing risk in line with PCI standards requirements
  • Initiate support activities

The services offered by Yarix to guarantee payment security are:

  • Alignment of procedures with the policies defined in PCI standards
  • Penetration Test
  • Code revision
  • Risk assessments on individual modules
  • Training and awareness
  • Project and security architecture review
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