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Privacy Policy

Information pursuant to Section 13 of Legislative Decree No. 196 of 30th June 2003 (Privacy Code)

Italian Privacy Decree 196/03 on data protection concerns the safeguard of people and other subjects in relation to the handling of personal data according to Art. 13 of the above mentioned decree. Please read the privacy policy below, where the data collection methods used by Yarix are well explained.

Data controller

Data controller is Yarix Srl, vicolo Boccacavalla 12, 31044 Montebelluna, TV.


When you visit our site you could be asked some personal information. This could happen when we need data  to identify  or contact you for providing the services and the activities requested.  Generally, this happen to enable you to use a particular service such as advertisement on Yarix products or services, subscription to Yarix newsletter etc.. The information requested can both be personal and sensitive (name, company’s name, e-mail address, office phone number etc.) or can concern your job.

In addition to this, information about visited pages such as the name of the internet service provider or the IP address over which you access the net can also be collected; moreover, we can collect information about the day and time you access the web site, the pages visited on our web site and the Internet address you have used to reach Yarix page. Such information are gathered in order to analyze the trends and to manage and improve our web site.


How will Yarix use the information they collect about me?

The information collected on the web site will be used to improve the web site functioning, to provide services and to perform the activities requested or authorized by the user ; information will also be used  to share important or urgent information or notifications in order to offer our clients personalized contents and services,  always upon user’s authorization.

Yarix shall use such data to make the service more efficient and to improve and simplify the web site use. In order to facilitate interaction, the information gathered on the web site can be completed by Yarix with those collected in other occasions or by using other tools. In occasion of subscription to newsletters or of e-mail correspondence, Yarix is allowed to use personalized links or similar technologies to track the clicked e-mail links. Each e-mail includes a link for the cancellation of the subscription and the interruption of such correspondence.


Third party data

Yarix is allowed to communicate the gathered information to its partners, that shall therefore have the possibility to send information regarding their own business. Moreover, should Yarix occasionally have some services made by other companies, such companies will be only informed of the data needed to provide the service and they will be asked to respect the data confidentiality, forbidding the use of such data for other purposes.

Yarix is finally allowed to share personal information only if forced by law or because of some serious grounds making a similar act necessary (law obligations, legal actions ) and  if the company itself has to defend and protect its rights, the staff safety and that of the users, audience and property.


Optional data handling agreement

Except from the surfing data, which remain in any case anonymous, users can choose whether to accept or not data gathering and to authorize their handling. An eventual refusal means however the impossibility to offer the client a large number of services, among them all the personalized ones.


Control and protection of personal information

Except from the indications mentioned above, personal information gathered inside the web site are not shared without the user’s authorization. Yarix commits itself to protect under any circumstances personal information against unauthorized access, use and divulgation.


Users’ rights

In any moment it will be possible for the user to request, see, change, update or eliminate personal information and preferences expressed on the web site.


Privacy policy modifications

Yarix is allowed to update the present privacy policy, which will always include an updated indication of time. In case significant modifications are provided to the present policy, Yarix shall inform the users by publishing news on its web site or by sending a newsletter. In any case, a constant use of such service is equivalent to the user’s acceptance of the present privacy policy and to any further updating.



For further information about the present privacy policy please contact the following e-mail address . This email address is protected against spam bot. Please enable Javascript to see it.



All the rights related to the signed texts belong to their authors. Analogical and digital reproduction is forbidden without  written permission.

Likewise, quotations inside articles, studies, critics or reviews are also forbidden.

Link connections to Yarix web site starting from other web sites are allowed upon written permission of Yarix S.r.l.

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