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Be in control of the latest threats and who accesses your data. A complete range of Network Security solutions provide safeguards to protect against internal and external threats.
When it comes to network security, Trustwave provides the superior usability, flexibility and expertise you need to ensure you’re protected from the latest threats and in control of who gets to access what data.  All Network Security products are available as self-managed devices or as a managed security service.

Your Web applications are at the heart of your business - they hold your intellectual property, drive your sales, and keep the trust of your customers.
But here's the problem - they're fast becoming the preferred attack vector of hackers. And, with the persistent nature of today's attacks, applications can easily be compromised when security is not considered and scoped into each phase of the software development life cycle - from design to development to testing and ongoing maintenance.

SIEM technologies (Security Information and Event Management) are helping businesses improve compliance management, and helping safeguard them from data breaches and fraud.
Proactively "seeing" and preparing for evolving and advanced and persistent threats, and minimizing the impact of those threats by enabling you to collect, analyze, and assess security and non-security events for rapid identification, prioritization, and response are core benefits of our SIEM solutions.




Computer Forensics is the art of harvesting legal evidence for use in civil and criminal proceedings by searching computers and magnetic data storage units of all kinds for relevant data.
In an investigation the traces we leave behind every day when we use digital devices may become the object of search, identification, acquisition, validation, conservation and preservation, analysis and interpretation, documentation and presentation.