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Schools and Universities

The proliferation of multimedia devices has led to the development of extremely effective, flexible and inexpensive means of communication which have given the web enormous potential. However this has also presented a range of challenges for network security and the safeguarding of confidential data and information.

Hackers who attempt to penetrate systems to damage or steal sensitive information are a big part of the problem, but there are also a number of more general issues on how data is controlled on the web that require attention.

Current legislation states that anyone who handles sensitive data is responsible for it. This means that Schools and Universities find themselves faced with a growing problem of how to provide adequate protection for personal data in line with Privacy regulations. Yarix offers a range of technically reliable systemscapable of guaranteeing that data is shared in the best way possible while ensuring full confidentiality.

Yarix works with Universities from Italy and around the world providing support and training as well as designing special projects in unison with the university’s own research facilities. Among our most recent projects was the development of a unique technology for bio-authentication.

One day all your documents will be digital.
Comprehensive protection means controlling access
but also ensuring they can be recovered if they’re lost by accident …are you sure they’re safe?
Information sent over the internet is vulnerable to theft from cybercriminals who could use it to harm you in a variety of ways.
…is your connection reliable and secure?
Every business has secrets it needs to keep safe so as to protect market position and maintain competitive advantage.
…how do you prevent your sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands?