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Based on a deep understanding of the areas we work in, at Yarix we’re able to offer a vast range of services to respond to a variety of company needs based on internationally agreed standards of excellence. Just some of the comprehensive, cutting-edge solutions we offer include: Antispam, IT Governance, Forensic Investigation, Data Leakage Protection, Security Assessment.


24x7 Customer services monitoring.
A cutting-edge center for services granting protection to a company infrastructure. It provides a full-scale approach on information security, business continuity and disaster recovery. 

Vulnerability assessment

Know how your protection is working.
This vital service provides companies with invaluable intelligence on network security levels, detecting problems and offering effective solutions. All findings are provided to the client in a detailed report.

Data theft protection

Make your database impregnable.
Information is every business, agency or institute’s most precious asset and as such it must be protected, both from external and internal violations.

Digital investigation and forensics

For professional support during criminal investigations.
Yarix has a team of specialist investigators who work with law enforcement agencies to find potentially significant information saved on computers and other devices.

Secure document management

Protect all your digital documents.
Yarix provides simple, rapid and secure document storage and processing using a 2048 bit encryption system based on military-grade symmetric algorithms.


Delegate your complex IT services to a professional team of external specialists. For companies seeking to streamline their business by outsourcing a part of their internal operations and entrusting their IT management to Yarix and our highly qualified, experienced team.

PCI DSS Standards

Trouble-free buying and selling online.
Choose Yarix as your partner to protect credit card transactions and ensure they comply with PCI DSS standards so as to guarantee extremely high levels of protection.

Privacy – Personal data protection

To protect all sensitive data.
At Yarix we protect your privacy, your know-how and all of your personal data by offering an IT system check-up service to ensure everything is up to code and in line with current privacy regulations. 


Solutions for secure,
streamlined communications.
With our highly personalised and efficient service we’re capable of blocking up to 98% of all undesired messages including advertising, phishing attempts and malware.