The security of constant monitoring for advanced threat defence

The most cutting-edge service
for the security of your business

Yarix’s Cognitive Security Operation Centre (C SOC) is one of the most advanced services in Italy for protection against threats and IT risks. Thanks to 24/7 active monitoring of systems, and the protection of a team of around 30 IT security experts, Yarix guarantees an effective response to cyber-attacks against small, medium and large companies. Every day, companies of different sizes and sectors are subjected to cyber-attacks which can do serious damage to their technological, IT and security assets in the space of seconds. Complete and effective defence against this requires a well-defined strategy constructed alongside the client. Our approach to cyber security provides for in-depth analysis of the assets to protect and a clear, precise definition of the interventions required in the event of threats.
The digital transformation has increased the attack surface, while cyber-attacks continue to grow more and more advanced. Providing sufficient protection for your business represents a strategic choice even before it becomes a necessity.
The service, provided in as-a-service and pay-per-use mode, meets the requirements of companies of all sizes and sectors, and is designed in particular for companies operating in sectors where rigorous data confidentiality is required, as well as companies which must guarantee business continuity (home banking, e-commerce, logistics platforms …).
Our clients are spread over all business sectors: automotive, transport, energy, fashion, banking and finance, food and beverage, gaming, healthcare, hospitality, critical infrastructure, industry and manufacturing, technology.



Artificial intelligence and human expertise

The C SOC is a control room equipped with cutting-edge physical and biometric security measures, based on predictive and cognitive computational forms. Through calculation optimisation, analysis of enormous streams of data, and the automatic and adaptive learning capacity of the systems, we are able to make decisions in a very short space of time and respond in an optimum manner to companies’ requirements for protection. The functionality and advantages offered by artificial intelligence-based systems is supplemented by the high levels of expertise of our cyber security experts, who are able to respond effectively to the ever-changing challenges posed by cyber criminals and provide the best possible defence to our clients’ businesses.


The C SOC service allows threats which could compromise business continuity and security of assets to be detected from the very first signals, and to fight the dangers using agreed actions: with remediation activity by Yarix or a simple notification to the client’s IT Security team.


We proactively monitor, 24/7, the security status of your infrastructure with the support of SIEM technology and behavioural analysis tools which are able to detect anomalous behaviour within the monitored perimeter. The monitored perimeter context is further enhanced thanks to incorporation of Threat Intelligence information from the most active partnerships with the most important Italian and international CERTs.


We analyse security events in order to identify anomalous behaviour and activities, ruling out false positives and irrelevant events, using automation platforms which allow event prioritisation to be simplified, reducing the response time.


We carry out in-depth analysis on advanced threats and compromises in progress, using a team of experts in the field of malware analysis, forensic analysis and combating phishing. These activities allow the root cause to be identified, before eradication and remediation.


We create a playbook which is shared with the client to implement specific and customisable procedures if security incidents or events are detected. When required, the Incident Response Team can be activated in order to provide support, either remote or on-site, to manage and respond to security incidents. Support is provided both while the incident is in progress and in the subsequent phases of Lessons Learned and implementation of the remediation procedures.


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