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For a complete line of defence against threats

Nowadays, companies are constantly exposed to the risk of attacks on their IT systems. For this reason, an adequate line of defence is of fundamental importance in retaining competitiveness.

In the current global context, in which IT security is an essential business element, we have developed an offering which meets the requirements of companies of any size, providing specialised expertise and high-level infrastructure.

An integrated and scalable offering, which allows companies of all sizes to protect their most important areas, going beyond traditional IT security. Multi-level, SOC-centric security, incorporating Threat Intelligence, AI and Machine Learning, to help companies prevent the most sophisticated attacks.

Protecting Italian Industry

For organisations, the era of digitisation and technological innovation means increasing exposure to cyber-attacks, which are becoming more and more frequent and sophisticated, including in relation to contextual changes. Italian manufacturing and industry, often victims of cyber-attacks for the purposes of industrial espionage, represent the greatest area of concern. The growing complexity of such attacks necessitates a strategy and methodology which creates a proactive line of defence to effectively intercept and manage all signals in order to anticipate and block all attacks.


// C SOC

Yarix’s Cognitive Security Operation (C SOC) is one of the most advanced tools in Italy for protection against threats and IT risks. Thanks to 24/7 active monitoring of systems, and the protection of a team of around 30 IT security experts, Yarix guarantees an effective response to cyber-attacks against small, medium and large companies.

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Knowing the vulnerabilities of your own IT system is essential to creating an appropriate security plan. Our Security Assessment is not a standard process which uses the same procedures with each and every client; rather, it is genuinely tailor made, as each company has different needs and vulnerabilities, and thus requires a made-to-measure, planned analysis.

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Digital data are, by their very nature, extremely delicate, and so easily subject to alteration, damage or destruction due to unsuitable management or analysis. For this reason, throughout the investigation process the data must be managed in accordance with internationally accepted best practice and with the guarantee of an adequate and documented chain of custody.

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The evolution of attacks, which are becoming ever-more devious and dynamic, and threats, which are by now a part of the corporate digital fabric, has highlighted the limits of traditional security approaches. Cyber Threat Intelligence offers a complete, customised and real-time view of emerging anomalies: acquisition, analysis and correlation of information with open sources to offer a complete overview and prevent threats to national security.

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Every day, more and more sophisticated and advanced threats put traditional security solutions in crisis, as alone they are not able to guarantee complete protection. Through malware analysis, a team of specialists studies the life cycle of cyber-attacks carried out using constantly changing techniques, developing in-depth knowledge of the tools and tactics used by the attackers and proactively adapting their prevention strategies.

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Our new anti-fraud solution offers protection against cyber crime for online banking and online payment services. Based on Artificial Intelligence-based logic, it offers real-time protection from the risks relating to any type of transaction by sending alerts, blocking the operation or implementing the established countermeasures. It is ideal for use in the banking field to protect online banking and online payment services, money transfers, ATM withdrawals and POS payments, and to prevent money laundering.

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In order to manage information on user identities and monitor their access to company resources, we assist you with solutions for authentication, identity governance and access management. Discover our Identity Management solutions and how we can help you streamline the efforts of your IT department and increase productivity by optimising the balance between security and practicality.

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