Cyber Threat Intelligence

In-depth knowledge against global threats

The fight against IT threats passes through intelligence

Yarix’s Cyber Threat Intelligence Team (YCTI) is made up of specialised analysts who, thanks to particular skills and experience in the sector, help your company to interpret the information available on the web – Clear, Dark and Deep Web – to prevent and fight threats such as cyber crime, hacktivism, planned operations for theft of data or blocking company activities. They are able to move around the dark web with covert profiles, infiltrating black markets and forums where malware, exploits and other attack tools are distributed, and interact directly with the Threat Actors. Access to these environments often requires an introduction by one of the existing members.


The Cyber Threat Intelligence service is provided not just through manual search activities, but also through automated acquisition of intelligence data.
The team’s work in investigating, collecting and distributing information is supported by advanced tools and by an exclusive proprietary platform. The platform analyses large quantities of data from different channels, both open sources (OSINT) such as social media, and from sources with restricted access and underground channels (CLOSINT).
The primary purpose is to find trends in progress and the existence of threats to an organisation before these can damage it. In the event of a real threat, the team promptly sends the client a detailed analysis report and proceeds with actions to tackle it.
In the current landscape, Cyber Threat Intelligence represents a key element of Cyber Security and, thanks to the proactive approach, is the element which makes the difference in fighting cyber security threats.

Preventing threats thanks to information

Intelligence is the entirety of information which helps guide the decision-making process and anticipate any threats to an organisation. Having access to information and knowing how to interpret it is key to guaranteeing corporate security. For this reason, Cyber Intelligence has become an ever-more important tool for identifying, managing and enhancing data present in the network in order to recognise actual threats.


From the Anti-Phishing service to Early Warning, innovative solutions for proactive protection of corporate assets based on identification and advanced, multi-level analysis of threats.

Cyber Intelligence (Brand monitoring)

A service dedicated to identifying relevant intelligence events which could damage the company or its brands. Monitoring of underground channels and cyber crime allows threats to your company to be detected, such as fake news, unofficial sites created to harm the company image, ongoing or planned attacks, DDoS campaigns.


This service allows for monitoring, identification and implementation of all measures to fight potential phishing sites, in other words sites which, by abusing branding and images, simulate an official presence in order to steal users’ credentials, personal data or other confidential information (e.g. credit card details).

Data Leakage

Activities involving online search and identification of sensitive documents, confidential material, as well as credentials compromised both through shared data leaks/breaches or sold in underground/cyber crime environments, both on the black market or on restricted access forums on the Dark/Deep Web.

Early Warning

A service to keep up to date with new CVEs, newly released 0-day exploits, critical product vulnerabilities, targeted campaigns (phishing, DDoS etc.) and any other large-scale threat worthy of note which impacts widely used technology, specific business sectors or HW/SW technologies used by the client.


From Credit Card Monitoring through to VIP Protection, innovative solutions to complete the proactive protection of your corporate assets.

Credit Card Monitoring

Service to identify and recover credit/debit cards from underground/cyber crime channels, phishing sites and other intelligence sources, both manually and via the proprietary CTI platform.

Fake App Monitoring

Service to find and identify malicious mobile applications and/or those similar in terms of graphics, logos and functionality to official client applications but not officially authorised.

VIP Protection

Continuous monitoring service for users with particular media exposure (CEO, Executives, C-Level) to identify threats individually targeted at them, such as exposure of credentials or personal information, vectors or potential campaigns of phishing, spear-phishing, identity theft, and other cyber crime activities.

High Quality IoCs

Sharing via standard platforms of valid, high-quality indicators of compromise (IoC) with a focus on Italy and Europe, derived from internal intelligence, monitoring (SOC), incident response (IR) activities and high-value partnerships (FIRST).

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