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To connect competitiveness and growth with security

New global market trends see companies committed to constant evolution in order to be competitive. Network infrastructure has become one of the key aspects: while just a short time ago networks provided simple connectivity services, they are today at the heart of the company and all workflows rest on them.

The network infrastructure must support the digital transformation, assist the passage to connected mobile devices and IoT, serve a secure infrastructure which is able to allow scalability as well as high performance, in order to ensure a growing number of devices, machines and applications are supported securely.

Var Group’s Digital Security division, in close partnership with the main vendors on the market, assists companies in creating, monitoring and securing their networks with advanced solutions based on machine learning and analytics, in order to transform the world with which people connect, communicate and collaborate.


Networks and Security

Traditional network security is designed for a perimeter model which protects the internal part of the network. But users, devices, applications and data are increasingly found outside the company perimeter and in the cloud.

Digitisation has transformed our world: the physical confines have been breached, and information is available everywhere, while companies are increasingly becoming fluid organisms.

Security is the most important enabling factor of an architecture designed to support the company through continuous change. Regularly facing up to new threats is a key capacity of cyber resilience, which is essential in guaranteeing adequate protection to corporate assets. The focus on defence and correct management of data is a key and essential element.




With our team of physical and virtual company networking experts, we create or expand the network infrastructure for a connection, either static or dynamic, between the various systems, connecting the various devices present in the company (servers, PCs, mobile phones and devices). We provide WAN Optimisation solutions which improve network performance, increasing productivity and reducing management costs. We handle the design and management of your IT networks, providing you with our support and the most appropriate technologies to guarantee that they are always fast and secure.

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We create and manage wired and wireless connections in a structured and integrated manner. Wired connections offer speed and stability for the IT network, thanks to routers and switches which allow the creation of a secure, reliable network while keeping costs under control. On the other hand, the growing use of smartphones and tablets requires that companies rethink their network connections and select appropriate wireless modes: reliable infrastructure which allows access to internal company systems, or connections between central locations and branch offices, through controllers and access points.

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Artificial intelligence models applied to enterprise networks are an important ally in the constant battle to keep organisations and their data secure. Convergence between network and security aspects allow IT to attain instantaneous visibility of new, significant and unusual events, wherever they occur on the distributed network; this ultimately allows detection times to be reduced and responses to threats sped up.

Thanks to this approach, it is possible to:

  • Enable automatic access policies to secure each user, device and app, wherever they are located
  • Halt the propagation of data breaches using dynamic segmentation contexts
  • Provide visibility to the SOC to reduce threat detection times and provide quick fixes in the event of incidents

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