For a snapshot of the actual level of risk your company is exposed to

Change your security perspective by adopting a proactive approach

Put a company’s security systems to the test by attempting to breach them in order to simulate an attack. Not just identification of vulnerabilities, but also an indication of which actions could be used by an attacker.
The Red Team provides an inward-looking view of company procedures, networks and systems, allowing the effectiveness of their implementation and management to be validated; it shows what the impact of a real attack would be, also highlighting potential improvements.


Yarix’s Red Team is a team of certified professionals with the highest levels of expertise and numerous years of experience who are able to genuinely put a company’s level of security to the test. By adopting the very methods and mentality used by attackers, with the latest tools and techniques and applying internationally recognised methods, they are able to measure the actual level of risk an organisation is subject to when faced with a genuine simulated cyber-attack. All the company’s critical assets (infrastructure, systems, applications, devices, structures and personnel) can be tested in order to verify their resilience. Red Team Members use both conventional and unconventional attacks in order to compromise their targets, operating in a controlled environment in order to avoid any activity which could actually damage the company’s business.
The result is a highly realistic and sophisticated test which, within predefined rules of engagement, provides the company with an important tool to identify its weaknesses and create an appropriate remediation plan.

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In an interconnected world like today’s, in which companies are constantly exposed to the risk of attacks on their IT systems, an adequate line of defence is of fundamental importance in protecting your business and retaining your competitiveness.
Knowledge of the state of its security is a key factor in the success of an enterprise. Identifying and dealing correctly with security flaws and vulnerabilities is the first step in preventing intrusions, exploits and data breaches.


The Security Assessment services performed by the Red Team are aimed at specific environments – not just systems and applications, but also mobile and IoT devices, ICS/Scada systems – and allow companies to audit the level of security of their critical assets.

Vulnerability Assessment (VA)

To highlight the potential attack surface of an IT network or an industrial network (OT), through an automatic scan of a defined perimeter.

Penetration Test (PT)

To determine the actual exploitability of the vulnerabilities that affect the targets. This activity is the natural continuation of a VA. Manual analysis is carried out by specialists who, using the same techniques and tools typically used by attackers, exploit the vulnerabilities in order to bypass the existing security measures and thus obtain privileged access to the system, the application or the data they contain.

Security Assessment (SA)

To verify the technical security measures in place to provide defence or support for company assets such as wireless networks, ICS/IoT devices, mobile devices or applications, databases, SAP, video surveillance systems etc.
Some specific environments may require 360° analysis of a particular technology, device or system.

Social Engineering (SE)

To verify the level of resilience of the human component, always the weak link in the security chain, through the use of psychological strategies. This may include highly personalised phishing campaigns, attempts at physical intrusion into the premises, distributing malware onto removable devices etc.

Red Teaming (RT)

To measure the actual defensive capacities of a company’s infrastructure, as well as the effectiveness of the systems to monitor and react to a hostile event with an activity carried out in a controlled environment. It is a fully-fledged cyber-attack simulation in which the Red Team works in synergy, using all the techniques at its disposal with the ultimate and unique goal of compromising the client’s perimeter.

Cyber Security Gap Analysis (CGA)

In order to evaluate the level of maturity of the organisational security measures in place with regard to best practice and cybersecurity frameworks such as ISO27001, CIS, NIST, AgID etc.

Security Awareness Training (SAT)

To spread maturity and awareness through employee training on essential matters such as the risks from phishing, secure passwords, safe browsing, data and device security etc.

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