About Yarix

On the front line of cyber defence

Yarix is the leading company in Var Group’s Digital Security division and one of the most recognized, innovative and authoritative Italian companies in the IT security sector: for 20 years it has been providing cyber security, business continuity and disaster recovery services and solutions to industries, government and military organizations, healthcare companies and universities. Founded in 2001, when Mirko Gatto and Stefano Meller conceived the idea of a company specialized in cyber security, Yarix is now one of the most important players in Italy.

Yarix has an R&D lab in Tel Aviv, where a group of cyber security engineers designs and implements the most advanced security solutions and systems. Yarix also runs one of the most important and technologically advanced Cognitive SOC (Security Operation Center) with the aim of monitoring company networks and proactively detect security threats. This IT bunker is operational 24/7/365, and it is equipped with the most advanced physical and biometrical security measures. Using the latest and most innovative technological solutions in the field of security, SOC service intercepts and blocks any sign of attempted attacks.

During 2014 a growth strategy, aimed at creating a pole of excellence for the global management of enterprise security, has been launched. Through a process of acquisitions that led to the integration of companies with the greatest potential and the most advanced know-how in Italy, Var Group and Yarix offer to companies, which face the challenges of technological innovation and digital transformation, a new level of protection. Today, security can no longer be considered as only physical or IT-based but requires an integrated and comprehensive vision. Yarix offers a global and holistic approach to Security, through constant monitoring and objective analysis of all contexts, in order to obtain adequate responses to prevent risks for companies.



// National Collaborations – Police Forces

From the very beginning, Yarix has made its expertise available to national police forces, collaborating with them both in terms of training for officers, and in terms of consultancy during investigations requiring specific skills in Digital Forensics, supporting public security officers in the identification of evidence stored in information systems and devices. In July 2016, the company signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Italian Police to prevent and combat cyber-attacks on critical information systems. This is an important and strategic agreement that started from the need to ensure a higher level of security for the country and its economic and social system, now strongly dependent on the cyber space, through targeted cooperation between the State and private entities, as envisaged in the National Strategic Framework and the National Plan for Cybernetic Protection and Computer Security. This cooperation includes the sharing and analysis of information to prevent attacks or damage that may affect the security of the IT infrastructures monitored by Yarix, the reporting of emergencies related to vulnerabilities, threats and incidents, and the identification of the origin of cyber-attacks to critical infrastructures.


// International collaborations – FIRST, TF-CSIRT Trusted introducer, Israel

Yarix’s YCERT is Listed by Trusted Introducer, the trusted network of global CERTs founded in Europe in 2000 which promotes effective cooperation between teams, increasing the overall level of security through the ability to quickly respond to cyber-attacks and new emerging threats. Yarix was also the first private Italian company to be a member of FIRST – Forum for Incident Response and Security Teams – the international organization that brings together the most important public and private entities for the prevention and joint management of security incidents. FIRST counts NASA, Google and Apple among its members, to name just a few. The launch of strategic partnerships with Israeli governmental and financial players has laid the foundations for a particularly innovative project: the creation of the world’s first SOC 4.0, capable of monitoring, detecting and responding to next-generation cyber-attacks that pass through IoT (Internet of Things) devices and SCADA systems, which are often used to control physical production systems in factories and strategic infrastructures.



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